Active Classes for Children in Ealing

We are well known for our patience and understanding. We welcome children of all abilities. Stimulating and fun classes for 6 months to young teens.




Summer Term 2023
All classes 40 minute £80 per term unless listed as 1 hour class, £84 per term
Summer School runs from 24th - 28th July - contact us for further information and to book your place now!
Autumn Term 2023 begins 18th September

Just look at

Our amazing performers!

Thanks so much to all of you for the wonderful show last week. We were so proud to watch Anushka and all the girls in baby ballet - you have done wonders with them and we were amazed at their confidence and energy. Thank you for the opportunity you have given my daughter and most of all it was clear to the audience that everyone on stage was having such fun - what more could we ask for! So glad she had the chance to be part of this professional and brilliant show.


Thank you so much for all your hard work putting together the shows. It was delightful to watch and see the joy on the children's faces. I was so impressed by the skill they all showed, and I can only begin to imagine how much effort this must of been for you all.


I just want to say what a fantastic job you do and both of my girls have come on leaps and bounds since they have been with you. I can't wait for demo week next week - Eleanora is so excited to show us how she has progressed.


Thanks - the children love their classes so thank you for having such a great formula!