Twisters exciting and high gym energy classes begin with Twisters 1 and 2 (for children aged one-plus). These classes are designed for the children to enjoy with their parent/carer.
We provide a range of gymnastics classes for children from three years up to young teens. While we incorporate all the different aspects of gymnastics, our main focus varies each term from 'rolling' to 'jumping' to 'balancing'.

At the end of every term we invite parents and carers to watch a demonstration class which gives the children an opportunity to demonstrate everything they have learnt.
Every two years, the children enjoy the opportunity of taking part in our whole school gym and dance show at The Questors Theatre in Ealing.
The fantastic range range of equipment ensures Twisters classes are always exciting and challenging. Each class is designed to bring out the best in every child under the guidance the Twisters team of qualified teachers and assistants.

We welcome children of all abilities. Please click here for a full description of each class.

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