Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions you ask most frequently. Please email us on for more information if you can't find what you want below.

Can I book a trial session?
Phone for availability and come along!
Can you join at any point in the term?
Yes. The fees will be adjusted accordingly depending on how many weeks are left in the term.
Is my class 40 minutes or one hour?
All classes are 40 minutes unless specified on the timetable as one hour.
What do the children wear for Ballet?
We do not have a strict uniform at Twisters. The children may wear what they feel comfortable in, usually something pink! Most high street shops sell ballet outfits now. We have ballet shoes for sale at £8.00. These are not a requirement for parent\carer ballet. If children are trialling a class and do not have a ballet outfit then any suitable clothing is fine. Long hair should be tied up.
What do children of all ages wear for gym?
We do have a Twisters leotard you can buy ( £22 for all classes except Gym 3 and Elthorne advanced: £24). However there is no obligation to buy it and they may wear any appropriate exercise wear. Shorts/ leggings and a T shirt or any leotard you already have is fine. Long hair should be tied up.
Any shorts/ trackie bottoms and a T shirt long enough to tuck in. 
NB  Jeans are not suitable for any of the classes.
What do children wear for Tap and Bop?
Leggings and a T shirt with either plimsolls or trainers. Please see teacher for tap shoes.
What do I do if I miss a class?
If you miss a week you are welcome to come to another class to make it up as long as you check for availability first.
My child is three can I stay with her/him during class?
These classes are designed for children to participate independently. After initial 'settling in', you can leave your child safely in our experienced hands.

Can I have my baby with me while supporting my toddler in class?

We have spaces for buggies/car seats at the side of the matted area so your baby can either be there or many mothers manage with babies in a sling.