Twisters dance and drama classes are all taught by qualified teachers, all of whom are ex-professional dancers or actors. We teach ballet, street dance, tap and  dance drama to children of all abilities from the age of two. Parents and carers stay in class until the children are three-years old.

Although we follow the RAD syllabus, our ballet classes focus on encouraging children to take an active part. Poise, musicality, and confidence are just a few of the qualities they learn.

In street dance from the age of four, children learn dance combinations to the latest pop songs. Tap dance is excellent for teaching rhythm, and is included in the class. All children progress as routines become more complex, and the classes more demanding. The classes all come together to put on spectacular dance numbers.

New this year: Twisters offers a boys’ street dance class, taught by an experienced male teacher from the Pineapple Dance Studio. The children will learn the latest hip-hop and break dancing moves and safe supervision.

Twisters also offers  Dance Drama classes for children aged 3-4, who love to express themselves. Role play, improvisation, musical interpretation and drama games form part of each class. Well-taught drama classes for children encourage confidence and self-esteem.

Every two years, Twisters puts on a show at the Questors Theatre in Ealing, where every child get the chance to wear a beautiful costume and dance on the stage of a professional theatre.

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