Twisters anti bullying policy


If bullying is suspected, the following actions will take place:

To help the victim and to prevent bullying:

  • All signs of bullying will be taken very seriously
  • All children will be encouraged to speak about their concerns. The victim will be helped to speak out and to tell someone in authority.
  • All allegations will be investigated and actions taken to ensure the safety of the victim.
  • Victims and alleged bullies will be spoken to separately
  • Victims will be reassured that they can trust who they are speaking to and they will be helped, but promises must not be made to tell no one else.
  • Records of all discussions will be kept
  • Any concerns must be reported to The Principal immediately.

Action towards the bully(ies)

  • Alleged bullies will be spoken to, help them to understand the consequences of their behaviour and an apology sought where required.
  • Parents will be informed
  • Provision of support for the victim’s teacher
  • Sanctions as necessary will be imposed
  • Encourage and support the bullies to change their behaviour
  • Meetings with parents will be scheduled to report on progress
  • Written records of all actions taken to be kept

Information to be obtained when suspicions or allegations are made:

  • Child’s personal details, name, age, date of birth (obtainable from enrolment form)
  • Child’s home address and telephone number (obtainable from enrolment form)
  • Whether or not the person making the report is expressing their own concerns or those of someone else
  • The nature of the allegation, including date, times and any special factors relevant
  • A description of any visible signs of injury. Any behavioural changes.
  • Details of any witnesses to the incident.
  • The child’s account.
  • Time of parental involvement
  • Parental response
  • Full report of the alleged incident, who reported it, etc.