Childrens classes; 40 minute class £70 per term. 1 hour class £77 per term 

Friday Drop In - Acton Only. 6 months to 3 years

The drop in class is  gym based  for children and parents/carers to enjoy together. With the use of songs, hand apparatus, colourful small and large soft play equipment also gymnastics apparatus, let us help you develop your child's strength, co-ordination and flexibility. In our relaxed environment come to try the drop in class and enjoy the fun and active interaction between you and your child. Everyone is welcome.

TWISTERS 1 Age 1-2 years

Our Twisters 1 class is an introduction to gym for 1-2 year old children along with their parent/carer. We carefully structure our classes to encourage the children to become confident in climbing, rolling, jumping and balancing. You and your child can discover together all the aspects of gymnastics under our guidance. We use songs and music to enhance our classes, along with hand apparatus and a wide variety of colourful small and large equipment which we use to aid our teaching in many ways.

TWISTERS 2 Age 2-3years

Our Twisters 2 is a gym class for 2-3 year old children with their parent/carer. This is a more challenging gymnastics class where in addition to teaching climbing, rolling, jumping and balancing, we introduce shape, colour and number. Encouraging the children to become confident and to be happy and enjoy their time with us is a main objective for all of us at Twisters. As your child nears three years of age and is wanting to work more independently we offer classes without the parent/carer: Dance Drama and Gymkids

DANCE DRAMA Age 3-4 years

The sessions begin with a song to encourage participation in a variety of movement and dance to bring story books to life! We carefully select stories to suit all temperaments and devise ways to encourage the children's imagination and creativity.
The stories gradually unfold to music. Songs, words, movement, dance and our wide variety of small and large colourful equipment all play a part in involving children in the magic of books. Your child could sail away, fly on a magic carpet, become a bird, a fish, a lion, a dragon, a policeman a 'wild thing', playing the role of many story book characters, all in a 40 minute session!
During the term we cover several stories, at the end of each term you can come to see your child 'perform' the latest story at a demonstration class.

BALLET Age 2 -Teens

Twisters ballet begins at 2 years of age when we invite you to stay with your child as they take their first ballet steps. From three years onwards they come independently to class. To make ballet fun and enjoyable for all ages we endeavour to make our classes relaxed and happy. We use a wide variety of music, our emphasis being that the children learn to express themselves using their imagination through dance. Each week the children learn new steps, ballet mimes and movements. For the end of each term we work towards a group dance and invite you to come and watch your budding ballet dancer/ballerina! See the improvement in posture, concentration musicality and poise in your child. We welcome boys and girls of all ages and abilities.

GYMKIDS Age 3-4 years

A lively, fun and energetic introduction to gymnastics. We cover all aspects of gymnastics using each term to focus on rolling, jumping or balancing. Our carefully structured classes encourage the children to gain confidence in working independently whilst having consideration for others. Classes include
• Warm up song/activity
• Small hand apparatus
• Team work
• Floor work for necessary skills leading to handstands, forward rolls etc.
• Equipment circuit
• Stretch


We run gymnastics classes that cover all age groups. The classes are structured to bring out the best in every child, regardless of their gymnastic experience. We cover all aspects of gymnastics and have colourful and versatile equipment to enrich our classes.
At the end of each term we invite you to come and watch your child in a demonstration class.


A lively, fun class for children who love to dance. The 40 minute session includes a mix of tap and jazz dance, singing and cheer leading.
All are welcome so come along and have a try.


A fun energetic class for boys and girls full of a mix of dance styles. Each term the children learn many dance steps and techniques and put these into practice in several dances which they will be proud to show you at the end of term.


Body Blitz classes lift, tone and firm up all the right bits. You will look good and feel great. The class suits all abilities, combining high and low impact moves, toning and stretching.
Every Saturday         10.30am

Every Tuesdays        7.15pm
Every Thursday         7.00pm 

Stretch class. A good warm up followed by yoga, core work and all over stretching. A crèche is provided for this class so no excuse! Fridays (term time) 9.30 -10 30am